• Patricia Jean Fleming

07.10.2020 – Page of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: A dance today with royalty before we are in receipt of three days of major arcana energy and the sandwich topped off with a queen. Today a Page, a messenger via the suit of Pentacles bringing us double earth energy and would suggest a path of being grounded; being ‘down to earth’ in the way we approach anything today.

If you have the opportunity, take yourself for a walk in nature – this is not for exercise of the physical body, though it will benefit, but for the mind. An escape into the natural world where all things follow patterns and seasons, not the false world that we have made of it.

Today we are being asked to take time to allow that natural energy to filter into us and see how at odds we are with it or if it feels right for us; it is the natural way. It is not manmade! Embellishing the new beginning energy from yesterday’s Ace, today we place our feet on the new path and begin to move forward. Do not worry about direction, currently that is of no concern. The requirement is to start the

momentum of your way forward.

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