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07.06.2022 VII The Chariot

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Two days of seven energy, of assessment, evaluation and reflection. [Yes we had six energy too but I chose to focus on the seven.] We have six energy with us all month with June being the sixth month of the year. Sixes are of balance and harmony, communication, equilibrium and problem solving. Today we are given the energy of movement. Of making our way forward. Possible spontaneous travel. Card of leaving our past behind us yet being conscious of all that is with us in the moment, the now. Sometimes we can be blinkered and drive on without seeing the beauty of all that is around us. A card of hidden depths, unseen bounty. Let us be open to look beyond the visible and know that we are not alone. We receive guidance, we just have to learn how to observe, hear or feel it. Card of change, clairvoyance, contradiction, enigma and internalising. Of confidence and motion. Achievement through effort, self-mastery. Linked to the Moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer, a water element. The moon is about how we are in our daily lives and how we respond to others. It is about inner awareness, caring and comfort. Of our emotion, nurturing and receptivity along with security. Cancer has balanced traits of acceptance, caring, gentleness, nurturing, protective, receptivity and reflection. Remember to aim some of that energy at our self and not diminish our energy by caring for others more than ourselves.

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