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07.06.2020 – Ace of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: You know, if this was one of my creative stories then I would love for it to turn out this way. For, having gone through some angst and introspection of the past few days, today we are being offered the nicest of all fresh starts through the Ace of Cups. It is an emotional energy by way of the loving planet Venus in the astrology of Cancer [one of the three water signs].

It fills me with excitement and possibilities. The cup is full and sparkles with jewels decorating it. On one side we have elementals, fairy folk – he is resting on the lip of the cup looking questioningly at her, while she is taking on a bit of a shy demeanour and has a small one behind her, hiding in the folds of her dress.

Cups are about relationships and with this three and the three separate fish swimming bottom right then I am feeling a suggestion of allowing new relationships to develop, or new paths in current relationships. Remembering that this can be any type of relationship not just romance. The koi carp or goldfish bring us wealth energy so a day to feel good and

acknowledge this through gratitude.

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