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07.04.2021 Ten of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Another visit from a ten card and today in the suit of wands. The number of ending and beginning, when we come full circle and then off we go again on another adventure or journey; the endless spiral of life. I want to bring in some excitement with this card today. Wands are about creativity, expansion and will. They are fire energy so bring us passion. Like all fires that passion can be unleashed or tempered as we wish to experience it. We all have our own limitations or not! What we have to be careful of is in not allowing ourselves experiences because we are fearful of the unknown quantity of them. We all know the saying ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Sometimes we are guided to take that leap of faith and try. What is coming into our knowing today that wants us to try something new, engage in something exciting and passionate. Nobody says we have to except ourselves, we are in charge of us. A day for 'more of the same' or something new? Maybe all we have to do is change our perception? Ask ourselves – is this what I really think or is this the view of others, what is my heart telling me? Make space for new things in your life today but, only if you want to. Free will, our choice.

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