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07.03.2022 King of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Starting and ending the week with King energy, today from the Pentacles suit. Pentacles are of the earth element and of ego, finance, positivity, value, self-esteem and self-image. Kings bring us the traits of authority, leader, and protector. Can we balance these traits in our lives today? Are they leaning to the positive or negative side? This king is the last of the four in the minor arcana suit having travelled through all four suits and reached a destination of sorts for we know any destination is just the beginning of another journey. From here we move onto the Major Arcana and thus the spiral of awareness raising, growing and learning travels on, for it is eternal. Kings bring us the element of fire, which is creativity, expansion and will. Enthusiasm, passion and sexuality. The planet of fire energy is Mars which gives us action and desire, initiation and self-assertion. Mars is now with Venus in the astrological sign of Aquarius joining Mercury and Saturn. Four planets in a sign is a lot of energy. Venus brings us love and resources, values and relationships. Mercury brings us communication, perception, thinking and rationalizing while Saturn is of achievement and mastery, structure and responsibility. What is happening in our lives today that draws all that energy together? Which traits are we meeting with positivity and which ones with negativity? Are we making our life the world or our own area of power? We cannot change the world individually but we can change ourselves. Are we loving all people in the world today? Are we embracing diversity? Are we living a considered life or living beyond our means? Are we conscious of the food we eat? Etc. How can we expect leaders to live a conscious life if we don’t? Let us be our own leader today. This is known as the Trust card, let us trust ourselves to go within and find the true self of who we are today and from that we can continue as we are or change the bits we don’t feel are right from within our hearts. We cannot expect everyone else to change before we do! Be a king today in your own kingdom.

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