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07.02.2022 Page of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Stepping backwards doesn’t have to be a negative experience for us. Quite often we are being given the chance to take another look at something or being given the time to think again about a task we were ready to do. Not all delays or backward moves are a bad thing, they can be the best thing that happened to us in stopping us from doing something that could have then caused us problems. Pages are the messengers of the Tarot. They are youthful and enthusiastic. Sometimes we can be too eager and that can result in us overlooking things that are essential to what we are doing. Still in the water element of the Cups, the Page brings in earth energy. Today we may feel like we need a pep up, a gift of personal energy. Things won’t be this intense forever, let us stay in the moment rather than worry about the future. Continue to trust in our intuition and be open to the synchronicities that are sent our way. They are there to assist us to lead a more joyful life, let us look out for some fun to be had in our day. In working on ourselves and being open to embrace our intuitive sense then we find that we can build a baseline of positivity. Allow our intuition to guide us in our understanding of how we need to move forward in all things today and be open to those who offer us assistance. Another day it could be us helping them!

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