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07.01.2022 VI The Lovers

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Hearing the Fleetwood Mac song today, ‘Looking out for love, big big love . . .' Did the spark that we ignited yesterday have anything to do with love? This card was once known as the Choice card therefore it was not all about hearts and flowers, as is life. But, sometimes, and especially being guided to the song today, maybe today it is! Card of connection and union. Of deeply connected energy, soulmate, love, romance and relationships. A blessed union, a perfect match. The energy of no obstacle we cannot overcome. Of curiosity, decision making, intellectualism. Along with healing and health from Archangel Raphael. Linked to the dual energy of the zodiac sign of Gemini and therefore the air element which fits well with the old name of Choice but with the Lovers we may expect one of the water signs a better fit. The planet of course is Venus linked to love and romance, relationships and values. Today we actually find Venus, Pluto with its transformational energy, and the Sun, giver of life, all in the earth zodiac sign of Capricorn bringing our awareness to a slow but sure approach. This year’s numerology is a six, like this card, so we open to balance and harmony today especially though for all of this year. We can be this way, we should not expect it of others if we are not prepared to be in that energy also. That is balance, that is harmony.

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