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06.12.2021 IX The Hermit

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: First of two major arcana cards this week – supportive guidance for us; time to go within. Some people work over a weekend and Monday is their day off so this may be easier for them. Today, we are being asked to take some time for ourselves and rest up. Take time to consolidate all that has been occurring for us in the last week that brought in strong energy and uplifting messages. This card brings us an internal process of healing. There is no one size fits all and this is why we have to find what is right for us no matter what good intentioned people tell us is the way to do it. We need to find the pathway within that leads us to our internal blocks which then lets us heal them and shine our light out into the world. We all have that light to shine, we just have to find it and let it out. Usually it has been smothered in the belief of not being enough or incapable. We are all wonderfully uniquely different and we all came to this life to shine our light in whichever way is right for us. We are being given the opportunity to use this time to transform ourselves. We can do anything if we believe it. We have to find the path to that level of belief. Let us find what is stopping us from moving forward, from being all that we can be, so that we can find direction and heal from what has held us back or stopped us from achieving. Learn to love ourselves first, heart felt love and unconditional.

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