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06.10.2021 Six of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Wednesday: Today on the sixth we have a six. They bring us the qualities of communication, equilibrium and problem solving. Sometimes known as the Law of Attraction card. This is about getting what we need more so than what we want.

A card that tells us that efforts will be rewarded and if we follow the New Moon guidance, which is a bit different this month due to the retrograde planets etc., let us deepen and expand our connection to values etc. Let us flow with the energies today and not fight against them, for if we do, we may just kick up a storm which won’t serve us. Today we have a new moon in Libra at 12:05pm BST. Heather Eland tells us: ‘This new moon and our sun come into a fiery conjunction with planet Mars. . . This is great energy to assist us in fighting for a cause. . . With the upcoming Mars square to Pluto people are more likely to take their ideas and opinions to polarized extremes. So… what is this New Moon actually good for? With six planets in retrograde [another six!] and possessive Pluto in the mix, now is a time to reflect on what you deeply desire and value in your life at a core level and work on reinforcing and protecting what you truly hold dear. Because this New Moon is also in a harmonious trine with retrograde Jupiter, it is wise to set intentions to deepen and expand on your connection to the values, relationships and circumstances in your life that are genuinely important to you and add meaning to your life.‘

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