• Patricia Jean Fleming

06.09.2021 XIV Temperance

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Monday: Continuing in the major arcana energy we start the week in Temperance. Card of patience and slowing things down. We may be ready to move forward but the new moon energy (exact Tue 01:51 BST) and this card, the ‘to be continued’ card, bring us guidance of forbearance.

Another day of the planet Jupiter’s influence which is that of the ‘lucky’ planet. It tells us to relax, to flow, to be and trust that all will be well. Patience is truly a virtue, and virtue is a worthy quality for us to have. Card of exploration, of the free-spirited, idealistic, inspiring and philosophical. Card of balance and learning to compromise. Card of being ready to move forward but biding our time, to wait for the right moment. About opening up to the flow of life. Making peace between head and heart and with what has gone before. Card of transformation, but when the time is right for all concerned. How will we know? Because when we know it is time is when it is time. Jupiter in the adventurous Sun sign of Sagittarius brings its energy of feeling the need to do, to get going. But, let us slow that down and know there are more than us involved in this, it affects others too and therefore we need to check in with our intuition and find an alignment with when it feels right, when we ‘just know’ that it is right, when it is!

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