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06.08.2021 King of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Friday: Kings hold authority, they are leaders and protectors. The Swords suit is of the element of air while the Kings hold the element of fire. Together they can blow up a raging storm or learn to use the air to turn the fire in the direction of their choice. Today I get the word ‘contemplation’ with this card. This is a week of twos and it reminds us that all things are dualistic.

Yin and Yang etc. It doesn’t mean that there are not a multitude of shades in between but it does declare if the balance of it swings to one extreme then it is also possible to swing to the other. It would not do for us to keep it continually in balance, for that would be a very bland life. We cannot live forever in extremes and this is where we have time to stop, to think and decide what it is we want it to look like, be like, for our individual journey.

The kings complete the journey of the suits – this one being the Swords then there is still the journey of the Pentacles to experience before starting it all again. Nothing comes to an end, it changes, it moves on. Are we seeing clearly our journey on this path of life or are we still following the path of others? Can we speak our truth? Have we learned not to judge, others or ourselves? A day of taking charge, taking control through a clear knowing to move ourselves forward. Life is change, how will we embrace it today?

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