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06.07.2021 Ace of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Another Tuesday and again we have the Ace of Cups. Last week as our top slice of a sandwich, today it stands alone as the ace but with another three of it's suit. The aces come as gifts from the Universe. They are about new beginnings and potential, but, we have to take action. When the time is right for that we will know. Do not spend our days fretting about when something should be done. Relax, flow and trust that you will know. This card is also known as the Cup of Joy. Are we open to receive it or are we lost in our fear and worry that stops us from seeing the better future ahead of us? Maybe there will be an opportunity to guide us on the next phase of our life.

We don’t always have to learn through disaster, that is the energy of the past. Today we can see the meaning in things a little more clearly without the severe ‘Tower’ moments; if we choose to. Be open to the synchronicities that are around us every day and allow them to guide us.

This can be seen as the card of new beginnings in emotional relationships, of affection, fulfilment and supportive partners. A card of breakthroughs and of self love.

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