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06.05.2021 Ten of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: It was 10:10pm as I turned my laptop on to write this card tonight. Following the 555 energy of yesterday, it seems that it has been doubled to the 10-10-10 tonight. Ten is of one and zero – endings and beginnings. The last numbered card of the minor arcana suit before the royals. The word ascension speaks to me as I look at the card tonight. If we try to change the path we are on we create friction, and that slows us down. Better to allow the free flow of energies that are moving us on from the completion of one phase to another new start. That is the never ending spiral of life, or as is said ‘as one door closes, another opens’.

The swords here are depicted by the crows that ask us not to get caught up in our ego mind that questions and torments us with what ifs, could haves and should haves. Let us not lose ourselves in mourning the past but trust that where we go next is always better than where we have been. It may take time for that to become clear to us as often it is a stepping stone taking us to where we need to be before connecting with the next stepping stone that helps across the river.

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