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06.04.2021 Queen of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: The Queens are caring, experienced and mature. Pentacles are about things we value, friendships, relationships etc as well as financial value. Pentacles are earth energy while the Queen is of water. She looks very comfortable, supported by the trunk of the tree, one who we can rely on. Can people rely on us today? How grounded are we or are we ‘all at sea?’ When we find ourselves able to stand in the strength of this energy as depicted in the card then we are strong enough to care about others and be there for them should they need us. Again, always our choice. If it isn’t easy for us to do it then we can always say well not today but maybe by Friday I will be more free to help you. It is okay to put yourself first, isn’t that what the other person is doing in asking for your help! We help where we can. The card is the penultimate in the minor arcana. She has learned her lessons of the previous journeys and is much wiser for it. Let us use that energy

today to bring value, stability and security

into our life focusing on our practical skills to enable us to do so. All that strong energy doesn't always go unnoticed. There may be and opportunity that is offered to us today.

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