• Patricia Jean Fleming

06.03.2021 XIV Temperance

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: This weeks major arcana sets us up in the energy we need to carry us through the weekend and what we have is asking for moderation and calm. Time to open up to the flow of life and instead of push, push, pushing – take a step back and allow life to come to you for a change, especially on days off from work etc.

Time to acknowledge when your head wants to over-rule your heart, check it and let the heart guide you. Let go of the things we cannot change – that was then, this is now. Life circumstances is changing so much around us and how we are in this world. Where we have no control over it then make peace and turn our attention to us and the things that we do have control over. If we can’t go out for adventure then find a way to bring adventure to ourselves. Watch some documentary films from other countries, maybe ones you want to visit sometime or even ones you know you will never go to. Jupiter in Sagittarius is linked to this card so we have the lucky planet with the adventurer of the sun signs. Be tolerant. Practice what you preach. It is not always all about you, think about others and the impact on them too.

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