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06.02.2022 Queen of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: A queen of a day. The Queens bring us the energy of their caring, experience and maturity. With the Page dropping by tomorrow we may find people offering us some assistance over these two days. Today is a day of understanding where we need to place our energy now. Protective energy, protect self, protect what is ours, be protected. A day of coming back to who we are in our own right, not living the life of another but enhancing the life of self and others; as our life should be enhanced by others also. We may have an awakening or epiphany today in realising what is important to us in terms of family, home and our sanctuary from the challenges we face therein and from the external world. Today again we are guided to learn to listen to our intuition and take action on it. A day to nurture our emotions allowing maternal care of self and of others we care for. Also a day to engage with our spiritual interests. A double water element energy from both the Queen and from the Cups and inked to the Crab of our zodiac, the sign of Cancer. Let us not retreat in the face of challenges today but use our maturity to create a safe home environment for family and friends. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which influences our inner emotional nature, our feelings, instincts and memories. Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Patricia Jean Fleming Mediterranean Messages Website: YouTube: Mediterranean Messages Donations: PiMOV

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