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05.12.2021 Seven of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: The young lady or the old crone. Two heads or a candle. This card! Perception, how we see things. We are ‘clothed’ in the years we have lived and the experiences we hold within. Yet, the past is gone; the future will always be the future until it morphs into the present, here now; therefore, future no more.

How do we see the picture of this card? Is the Badger attacking the Vixen and Cubs or has bumbling Badger stumbled into them? Card that guides us to be in our own power with the power to overcome anything. About standing tall and determined, resolute – surmounting of difficult situations and challenges. About working on issues of forgiveness and of standing up for ourselves.

Of perseverance and shifting ourselves to higher ground. To keep on going – we can do this! To be able to acknowledge and be with what is right for us individually and in acknowledging the uniqueness of others; we are all different. Not allowing others to impose limitations on us. Always open to new possibilities and able to embrace change. Learning to be in the unconditional loving heart and not the competitive, angry or fearful mind. Card of the planet Mars in the passionate zodiac sign of Leo. Action, drive, initiation and self-assertion. What will we see differently today?

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