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05.12.2020 Seven of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Turning day into night today as we move out of the sun energy that has hung around us the last few days and we move into moon energy. Sevens are about assessment, evaluation and reflection, today we might just need to stop awhile and consider if we are truly being blocked in our current position or is that just a perceived idea. Sometimes we get blocks on our path to stop us from doing something that is not in our best interest. As in the card, the swans path is blocked by the seventh sword but it is at the edge of the mountain and stopping the swan from possibly falling off the edge.

It makes us wonder if we should take a step back, but the sword is protecting us and with just a little side step there is another path leading us forward.

Stay in our own truth today while shadows may lurk around us – perceived or otherwise. If we know we are following a true and just path then let the universe guide the way and take care of anyone who may not be as honest as we are. That’s their path, not ours.

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