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05.11.2021 Page of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Don’t know about you but, I for one, am very happy to see this lovely being coming forward for us today. She is the first page of the suits and therefore can be known to ‘grab attention.’ Pages are the messengers of the Tarot decks. They are filled with youthful enthusiasm.

Do we remember that energy? Card of the ‘Free Spirit’. Having two air signs prominent in my astrology chart/ birth blueprint, it is easy to see how I can relate well with this. I, like many intuitives and empaths, have been weighed down with the energy of late. This Page drops by to lift us up. Can you hear the music she is playing for us all? She brings us the energy of action, of starting something and with it the feelings of excitement, passion, heart and soul that we can use to move us into a better place of being. A card that is again linked to the phoenix rising card so that energy is still hanging around with us.

Did we plant our seeds yesterday in the dark of the new moon? What new beginnings are in our hopes and dreams? Let us think on them while the moon is hidden from us and use the law of attraction to see them sprouting when the new moon shows us herself once more. Let us be open to incoming messages from the cosmos. The Universe knows us better than we do!

Card of the planet Mercury in the earth sign of Virgo. Mercury actually joins the Sun and Mars in Scorpio at 22:34 GMT tonight so let us, as the Page suggests, use some of that fearlessness and self-esteem to make today a good day for us.

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