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05.11.2020 – Eight of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Don’t slip back there, into the briar patch! Don’t allow ourselves the self piteous sob story that the ego loves to soothe us with. There, there, it will be alright! Why did we allow ourselves to think that it could be possible/positive? Today’s card asks us to look beyond the negative and try and see a different perspective. When things do not run smoothly it is usually a sign that we have something to learn from it. How open are we to change? Can we adapt to circumstances when called to do so?

We get to choose whether to feel sorry for ourselves or pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and ‘try’ again. Practise positivity and gratitude for what we have rather than moan about what we don’t. Today’s card is associated with the lucky planet Jupiter so we have that on our side and linked to the Sun sign of Gemini (The Twins) again suggesting ‘two’ different ways we can perceive things. Negativity is a downward spiral that only gets worse unless we put the brakes on it and start the momentum of movement into the opposite direction. We can do this!

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