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05.10.2021 Eight of Pentacles & Wheel of Fortune

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Tuesday: See how this works? When we open to the energies around us they gift us. Today we have another ten in the Wheel of Fortune. It is unusual for me to go with two cards but when they ask to come out together I get out of the way of my head and accept what comes to me.

The Eight of Pentacles is our main card today but who would look a gift horse in the mouth and not accept our second card? The Wheel of Fortune is linked to the lucky planet Jupiter bringing us blessings, expansion, fortune and growth. Optimism, prosperity and success. If we take these qualities and apply them to the Eight of Pentacles then it will support us to bring into being that which we are creating as our new vision or our mastery of that which we are creating. We don’t get this by sitting waiting for it to come to us, we have to put in the work, commitment and dedication to bring this into being. When we are happy and align to the work that we do we change our vibration and that radiates out to others. There is also recognition for work that has been done prior to today and our commitment to that. Card of getting ‘back on track’. Being where we want to be and doing what we want to do. As long as we do no hurt unto others. There is an easing of energy that allows giant leaps to come from small steps. Believe, trust and have faith that all will be as it is meant to be today with the bonus of positivity.

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