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05.10.2020 – VIII Strength

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Today the 8 is one we want to hold onto because it is positive energy. Back with the major arcana today and real strength in the message that has been trying to get itself across to us these last few days. We have to live our own lives but we do not need to do that alone.

When there is physically no one there for us then call on the assistance of our silent friends, guides, ascended masters, angels and ancestors. They will rarely step forward if we don’t ask for help.

Why don’t we ask? Because it seems too easy, because it means that other humans cannot control us if we believe in something more powerful than the human way of life and living.

When we learn to question that which others try to force on us then we begin to realise that it is always about their agenda and not for the good of all.

This card was originally known as the Masters of Thoughts. Today is another day we are being asked to take our stand against thoughts that are not our own.

Feel into our hearts and live our life from our

own inner power and unconditional loving energy.

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