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05.09.2019 – Four of Pentacles Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: This card today is asking, are you finding yourself thinking differently about money and possessions?

Has today opened your eyes to what really matters in life and that is, that it starts with heartfelt love of self?

You know the old saying ‘there are no pockets in a shroud’!

You may want to believe that when you are dead, you are dead. That’s your choice. Your freewill to believe whatever works for you.

This doesn’t mean the world is flat!

Today you are being asked to ‘right the card’ to take another look at your life and if it is not a happy and joyous one then to consider changing your view of it.

There is a light that shines for us all when we choose to open our eyes to see it.

When we can find that unconditional love within us, the love that lives in the heart, not the ego, then we can begin to really live life.

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