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05.08.2020 – Queen of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Taking a step back into the Wands suit today and a royal one at that, finding ourselves in the embrace of a mature, experienced and caring energy. The Queen of Wands is the counterpart to the major arcana card the Emperor; representing Aries as with the Wands and our Queen, the water element. She and he oozes leadership qualities. She channelling her power for success in her life while he is decisive if not a little dominant but initiates foundation and structure for others to grow from.

When we talk of him and her, he and she, masculine and feminine we talk of energies more so than genders – we all have both within us and maybe favour one more than the other. This too can be at different times and in diverse scenarios.

A strong message coming through of the importance of getting to know ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses; how we react in different situations. It is never about trying to change anyone else but in changing ourselves or our situations to

suit our needs within the journey of life we find ourselves in.

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