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05.07.2022 Ace of Wands

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: First card of the minor arcana. The Aces are gifts from the Universe bringing us new beginning energy and potential. This fire element card asks us to be in our own power and allow ourselves to move towards the things that excite us, of new growth and passion, of our spark being re-ignited. Where we see potential and we can take action on it. This new beginning could be through finding we have ‘chemistry’ with someone, a connection. A card of something lighting us up, of excitement, igniting our passion. Card of charisma and creativity, enthusiasm, opportunities, passion and will. Similar to the Judgement card in the major arcana which is linked to the planet Pluto, ruler of Scorpio so follows the same energy as yesterdays card. Today in astrology Heather Eland shares: ‘Mars enters Taurus today, the sign of its detriment, where it will be stirring up frustrations and causing even more dramatic deviations from the status quo! . . With the insistence of chaotic Uranus, Taurus is being forced to change . . . A good tip with Mars through Taurus is to take action upon the changes we have been thinking through most thoroughly throughout the last few years of Uranus' transit in Taurus . . . Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer today, it is an intuitive, poetic, and imaginative placement and an energy that intertwines the processes of brain with the feelings of the heart.' For much more information on this go to:

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