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05.07.2020 – Nine of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: 05:44GMT we have the last of three eclipses, for now. This one is a penumbral lunar eclipse with the full moon at 13degrees 37mins of Capricorn. Not a full eclipse but being the last of three for now, it will have the full moon energy with it. What is this closure energy bringing about into your life? Today the Nine of Wands card steps forward for us. It is the Moon in Sagittarius energy, a neighbouring sun sign to Capricorn. This card is also known as the wounded warrior and we may feel a lack of commitment in our day yet the full moon in Capricorn may help to balance that negativity. It is a number nine though, so do not let us give up as we are nearly there, almost at a completion. Although today is full moon, its energies can be felt a couple of days or so either side. Yesterday we had the Strength Major Arcana card and that is echoing the full moon energy and can be felt in this card too. Personally I have given up the warrior energy and become a pioneer. When you find your personal strength there is no longer any reason not to go for your dreams.

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