• Patricia Jean Fleming

05.06.2020 – Eight of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: So happy to see this card today, a day of the first of 3 off 6 eclipses this year. Today we have a partial lunar eclipse, of the full moon in Sagittarius (Strawberry Moon) 20:12 GMT. This eclipse energy of intensity works with the evolution of humanity being accelerated/moved forward. Today may be a launching point for something new in your life. This fits well with the card today and we see the spider working its web. What project are you working on? Something taking commitment and dedication to detail.

In the Medicine Cards the story that goes along with this card is noteworthy for it is said in the teachings from the Native Americans that it was the spider who created the first alphabet. I like to think that this was also during the energy of an eclipse. There is such a lot of green in this card which today I see as healing energy being brought to us. As previous days, allow ourselves to be in our own energy and watching therein what is created from your allowing this to be so.

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