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05.05.2021 III The Empress

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: The mother energy of all creation. She creates from love and nurtures. She takes herself to the best place to be to work with the energies and create from there. She freely releases her creation so that they can grow as is a pattern of the journey of life. Knowing when to release and being joyous to do so. Not being in the ego mind that wants to hold onto things that were never ours to own. All life is entitled to their own freedom to be to live their destiny which is a powerful Universal energy. To have the wisdom and understanding of the natural and universal laws of life and living.

This card is associated to the planet Venus in the Sun sign of Taurus. Planet of love, money and self-esteem with the energies of art, new love, comfort and security. She sees herself as the victor in this glorious release of new life as she holds her laurel wreath.

This card can be seen as in doing the practical things we need to do in life and in being close to making something new happen. What are we prepared to release today to allow new growth to come to us?

Change is afoot today as we are in a day 5, a month 5 and the year 2021 which =5.

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