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05.02.2021 Knight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: More fiery passion today with the royal Knight bowling us over in the zest of his quest. Fast and extreme are two words to describe him. Knights are air energy and today with the Wands fire power he is blowing up a storm without seeing what is going on around him; eyes on the prize as he charges on through. He is ambitious and an adventurer. There may be an offer being proffered to us today and it seems that it will be an easy answer, yes or no. Do not let bluster and brashness push us into a decision we are not ready to make. If someone is pushing us we would be wise to ask why! Again we are being tested to see how far we have been able to find ourselves and stand in our own power. The Moon is currently in the sun sign of Sagittarius where the fire and adventure energies engage stirred up by the air of the Knight. It is in third quarter heading towards the dark of the new moon (on the 11th) we may feel more emotionally comfortable doing than resting at this time. Let us be careful to temper our passions and not ride roughshod over others. A time of giving and that includes to ourselves.

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