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04.09.2020 – Four of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Today we are seeking clarity to something we are stuck with. We have done well, having moved on from three of the four but the fourth remains.

The lady is lying at peace but not fully submerged into that energy while she holds onto the last of the four swords.

The dove of peace rests on her gown and echinacea flowers are scattered around. Interestingly in botanic(s) these flowers are one of four kinds of daisy type flowers, i.e. dracopis, ratibida, rudbeckia and the echinacea. Known for strength and healing. Pink is the energy of unconditional love, can we allow that energy to assist us with this stagnating energy of holding on? Let us make peace with whatever it is that is holding us back and let it go. A time of reflection, rethinking, and re-adjusting, re-planning once we can see that new way forward. This card is associated to the lucky planet Jupiter so it begs me to question if what we are holding onto is only in the mind? Meanwhile the sun sign Libra is also in this energy so we may be grappling with truth and justice. There may be times when the best result is in letting go rather than fighting for our perceived need of justice. Free will, our choice.

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