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04.08.2020 – Ace of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Aces are cards of potential and new beginnings but to get anywhere we need to take action. Do you know what that action is? Today the Swords step forward with their energy of truth and justice, or an end to conflict. Are you big enough to agree to disagree and still remain friends with someone? Can we remove ourselves from the ego mind and ask what love would do? When the ego mind is not involved then it is easy to be at peace with situations or choose to remove yourself from them. This card is known as the hand of Spirit. Have you tried offering up a prayer or asking for guidance when you find yourself in a place of non-movement/ stuck? The thing is, we have to be open to receive the answer and you might receive it in many different forms. A song playing on the radio or as you enter a shop. The strong coloured flower you are drawn to in a garden or a magazine. Why does that bird keep following you around the park etc. Everything has symbolism and when we start to use that we begin to see the answers to our questions.

Google will become your best friend.

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