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04.07.2020 – VIII Strength

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: As much as today’s card is Strength, we also have the power of the Master number 11 as this is the 4th day of the 7th month 4+7=11 and that energy is actually with us all throughout July i.e. 07.2020 =11. The number of the gateway, the portal and double new beginnings.

A number of deep insight which sits well with the inner power of the card though we may feel a little off balance at times during today and July. Eleven has the energy of inspiration and creativity while the strength gives us confidence and optimism. If you had all the strength that you needed, what would you do with it? We all have more strength than we can give ourselves credit for. Many of us have learned to live in fear. The worst part of that is continuing to live in fear even though any threat has been removed. This is not to say to ignore intuitive uneasiness, they are not the same!

Leading up to the eclipse at 05:44 GMT tomorrow morning then we may also be feeling the energy of connectedness to spiritual realms. Do not fear the unknown. Use this time to ask for guidance on anything you require assistance with and be open for answers. They may show up in the strangest of ways.

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