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04.05.2022 Page of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: A day for seeking expression of emotional and, or spiritual interest.

A new exploration. Of opening our heart chakra and feeling unconditional love. Being in need of a ‘pep-up’, don’t allow negative emotions to get us down, intensity does not last forever. Flow with it and allow it, do not fight against it. Find things that make us happy, photos and pictures that uplift us and make our hearts smile. Surrounding ourselves with positivity and an attitude of gratitude really does make things easier for us. Pages as our messengers, today in the water element of the Cups suit, want us to focus on our messages to ourselves. Can we look in a mirror and love ourselves as we are? If not, what are the critical messages we tell ourselves? Have we ever questioned why we do this and where these messages started from? A day of trust and intuition.

A new beginning, a gift of energy. Fun loving energy, we all deserve to be happy. Making ourselves sad because others are going through a difficult time is of no help to anyone. Learning to focus on the positives and understanding how we need to move forward. We all have free will, this is our birth right as humans. How can we use that free will to bring joy to our lives? It starts with us, each of us individually. No one walks in our shoes except us. We are all wonderfully unique and today is a day we would do well to embrace that energy.

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