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04.04.2020 – Two of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: I don’t think it is circumstance that we have a two today and another tomorrow. We have strong 4 energy around today being the 4th of the 4th month with a numerology 4 year.

What I get as I look at this card today is ‘waiting for the dust to settle.’ Problem is, we don’t know how long that will be.

But, you don’t have to wait for it to settle. There are things that you can be doing here and now to prepare for the time when the ‘fog’ clears. Do you look out into your future not knowing where you are going or what you will be doing or have you an inkling of something that, if it was possible, you would love to do? Well, why not you, is what I say. If it is something that will impact favourably on the lives of others then you will be supported by universal energies to enable this to happen. If it is to only to line your pocket then that is all you may do. That is not living. That is not life. What we aim for is both, the win – win situations in life where everyone’s best interests are served.

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