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04.03.2021 Queen of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Our second royal visitor this week and another queen. The queen of ‘air’ power, caring, experienced, justice driven in truth. Queens are of water energy, emotions, feelings relationships. Allow ourselves to rise up to a new ‘light’ and find balance in this fresh energy of being. When we have knowledge then we share that with others but our truth is not always the truth of others. Let us check in with ourselves first today that we come from a loving energy and not an ego driven, learned behaviour place that no longer serves ourselves or the collective. Allow the current planetary influences to bring us clarity of being, and allow ourselves to speak our own truths from our hearts more so than our minds. A time to feel into the power of self, to be empowered, to know the right to be you in this world. To embrace the uniqueness of others and where they are at on their life journeys. We are all divinely different and need to make peace with that. Gone are the days of one size fits all; it never did! Let us concentrate on the kind of life we want beyond all the current limitations and start to bring that to ourselves here, now. It is about that which is in us, not the things outside of ourselves.

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