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04.02.2021 IV The Emperor

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: We may find ourselves taking a wee step back today from yesterday's 5 card to today’s 4. But, with that we are still in major arcana energy and with foundation, stability and structure energy. The Emperor has within him the power of the four kings, he is an initiator who takes the seed of the Empress and makes it grow. He is associated with the fire sign of Aries with dominance, force and leadership passions energising from this fiery sign. Today is a day for taking control and trusting our intuition to assist in bringing solidity and growth into our lives. This may also appear as getting order and routine back into our lives albeit maybe in a different pattern to what we have previously known but hopefully we are all learning to stand in our own power and be the best that we can be which includes making our lives a bit easier for us. Strong energy of knowing our own way today but always open to the intuition that assists us to make the right decisions for us at this time. Be your own guide but know we are not alone, help is but an ask away.

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