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03.11.2020 – Four of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Loving these double day’s doubles. Last Thursday/Friday two nines, and now Monday/Tuesday two fours. Oh, hope this doesn’t mean that there is a flood coming. Or do I, it could be a positive flood! A flood of good vibrations and guidance by way of synchronicities and opportunities, especially since this is the 11-11 card with its double of the master number of 11. With it we have the loving energy of Venus and the passionate fire of Aries. The Shadowscapes Companion book guides us that: ‘The Four of Wands calls for celebration. Initial successes have brought hope and joy to the air. There is harmony and peace to be had. However, once attained, this prosperity must be maintained as well. Take a moment to breathe and enjoy, but be prepared to continue with the work that has achieved this point. The fire must remain lit. It must be fed constantly to keep the blaze going and not be allowed to die out to embers. Let go of limitations, and embrace the freedom being offered.’ Accept, allow and let it flow but keep the channels clear.

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