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03.10.2020 – XX Judgement

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Another visit with the major arcana today and that of Judgement.

This can come from us drawing a conclusion about something that quite honestly we will never be in a place that could do that fairly. As we are all so wonderfully unique then we need to unlearn this old 3D way of thinking that holds some people above that of others. We are all entitled to hold our own place in the world, whatever that is. It is not for us to judge. Do not fear a day of judgement for when we return ‘home’, we will be our own judges. How could anything that is pure love judge us?

As we live our human lives we will find that there are times when we need to assess a situation, and whether we wish to use our free will to go with it or not. Assessment is not this kind of judgement of which we talk today but an outdated way of being used to oppress those who could be kept in fear and subjugation. All decisions have consequences, let us assess today what we no longer need to have in our lives, that no longer serves us, and let us make ‘Judgement of others’, one of the things we let go off! Step into your light and allow yourself to be you and others to be themselves. That’s life.

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