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03.09.2021 XV The Devil

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Friday: ‘The Devil to pay’ came to me the day when I chose this batch of cards. It means serious trouble because of a particular circumstance or obligation.

Two days ago, we had the Four of Pentacles sometimes known as the Little Devil. This is the first of three Major Arcana cards to see us to the end of this week and it is, as it has been all week, heavy / awkward energy.

What limitations or fears are we being asked to question or understand?

We are reminded of our boundaries, commitments, responsibilities including self-control. Are these attributes / qualities that we have learned to adopt or are they markers of how we wish to live our lives? Do we impose limitations and restrictions on our selves or are these forced onto us? When we are powerless then we are in imbalance – but how do we right it? Again we are reminded of the power of self, not the egotistical self but the compassionate, heart centered self that takes no angst with anything – it negates the power of others over us. When we give our power away, we become the puppets, dancing to the tune of the puppeteer. Are we ready today to confront our self-imposed limitations? Whose tune are we dancing to today?

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