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03.09.2020 – Ten of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Today we have the other slice of our World sandwich and having received that yesterday, today’s energy is strong and capable of dealing with worldly things. The tens are of completion, end of a cycle and perfection. What are we perfecting around us currently? Pentacles are about finance as well as practical matters and this feels like we have gained a knowledge of how best to carry ourselves forward today. Although the card looks like the lady is being assisted by the dragon, the feeling is that she has engaged him to carry her to a place she can’t reach on her own.

She looks very comfortable and is carrying a handful of pentacles (coins) along with her. The card is known as being financially stable but it’s not always about money. Wealth comes in many forms. Money assists us in life but there are times when wealth in other ways means more to us than finance. Whichever it is that is visiting you today, we are being asked to be aware of it and be grateful for it. Acknowledge what has assisted us in getting to this comfortable position and now

that we are there, how can we best serve ourselves and others from there?

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