• Patricia Jean Fleming

03.07.2021 Two of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Today we are receiving more of the week's messages and a reiteration of yesterdays. We see the surveyor looking outwards, is this procrastination or is it that she is not ready to make that leap of faith to set her on a new path?

It is about being empowered to take action and make life choices that will bring positive change into our lives and to do that we need to listen to our intuition.

Let us see the potential of a new path ahead of us. Let us take the passion of the Wands and fire up ourselves as we step forward into the unknown.

We are at a crossroads, the two tells us we have choices, a decision to make. Let us be in our power and make the decision while shaping it to how we want it to be and not selling ourselves short into the bargain. The Shadowscapes Companion book says of the card that it: ‘. . . is the emblem of personal power and influence, authority and courage. Now is the time to be bold and inventive and not to shy away from doing what is necessary. But, also beware of letting the intoxication of power cloud the mind and judgement.’

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