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03.06.2022 Page of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Pages are our messengers. They are enthusiastic and youthful. The Page of Swords is a ‘breath of fresh air’ for us. An energy of exuberance and wanting to get started with something new. They can be about a different way of thinking. We may receive news, some kind of communication or a conversation to be had. Card of working hard at an intellectual pursuit, youthful ambition. If we have the energy of a youth then we can cope with a ‘full steam ahead’ approach. We may be wise however to pace ourselves and curb our excitement. Swords are of the air element while Pages are earth. As messengers we would link them to the planet Mercury which brings us communication and perception, rationalizing and thinking. Mercury is actually coming out of retrograde today; stationing direct. Heather Eland shares . . . ‘Mercury rules many of the things that keep our day to day running smoothly and a square from Saturn is a challenging energy that forces us to slow down. Mercury squaring Saturn can indicate literal roadblocks . . . The good news is that Saturn can offer a reality check that is much needed if we have been trying to push forward in some area of life that is just not ready to proceed. . . . It is also good idea throughout this period to make sure to find time for things that help lift your thinking as well.’

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