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03.05.2021 VII The Chariot

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Great start to the week with the first of four major arcana cards. The Chariot asks: Have we taken a hold of the reins? The change and direction of the last three cards was asking us to look within and see how we dealt with this energy. Today we are being guided to take charge, to grab the reins and guide our lives in a way we wish to see it develop for us. Rather than looking outside of ourselves, we start by asking: What can I do, for me today, to make changes to how I want to be in this world? Seven energy is about being the seeker of truth and wisdom.

As was said last week, we can only know for sure that which we are personally in contact/touch with. Use our own awareness today to be open to hearing how others are connecting with their truths and why they see it that way.

A time for assessment, evaluation and reflection. The card is associated with the Sun sign Cancer and links to movement and travel. One of the water signs so also relating to emotions and feelings.

How will we feel when we take charge of the things we can change today?

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