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03.04.2021 Page of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Second of our royal visitors this week. Heather Eland at tells us that today planet Mercury transits Aries today until 19th April ‘our language becomes more deliberate, edgy and straight-forward’ and that we need to be more careful of our own self interest and not become complacent to the needs of others. We may find our speech raised and fast which some may find demanding and harsh. The Page of Swords is again air and earth energy as yesterdays card.

This can be a time for difficult news or conversations so very fitting with the astrology today. Time for us to consider a different way of thinking about things remember we only ever walk in our own shoes and others will always see things differently – maybe we are not always right as often as we may think we are. On a positive note though this card is supportive of hard work in mental pursuits with youthful ambition giving us no hindrance. We also have the numerology of three, today both in the day and the date, which can be about making something new happen. Swords are about truth and justice, so let us try to employ these values into our day. Open ourselves up to the unknown and possibilities that may come to us.

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