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03.04.2019 – Knight of Swords

Wednesday: Once again our hero/heroine personal energy comes to call on us.

Today we may find ourselves travelling in either reality or in mind.

Time to open out to an expansion of being and let new energies or learning into your life.

Have you booked that holiday or course that you have been thinking about over the last few months?

In a few days’ time, you will be able to benefit from the power of the new moon as it shows itself to the world.

When that first sliver of light breaks out of the darkness, get yourself into gear and going on whichever journey you decide to embark on.

The ‘snooze you lose’ phrase wants to be heard, wants you to pay attention and take action – this is not a time to dilly dally in indecision. Get a good grip of the reins and get going!

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