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03.03.2022 Ace of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: We are in the energy of new beginnings today with the new moon yesterday and our Ace of Swords, air element, showing up for us. The card tells us that we are being guided ;soul path energy. The Power of Air, The Hand of God. Card of coming into a mental breakthrough and we hope with today’s astrology that we can keep it at a positive level as in the guidance we have received for some time now. Do not let others drag us back into negative energy as we will most likely find we are being tested many times today. Allow ourselves to stand in our power and speak our truth but today we may benefit from not fanning the flames of those who do not understand the higher path. Today we open a new door for ourselves if we use our free will and choose the lighter, more loving, embracing diversity energy and believing the new world is growing with other like minded energies as us. We are not alone. The old ways are dissolving and, as we know, the final death throes can be difficult to witness. Heather Eland shares her astrology with us: With Mars travelling alongside [Venus -9hrs apart] here, passions will no doubt be heightened as well as urges for domination and power over another. Take that for what you will and use caution where caution is necessary. On the positive side, Venus and Pluto energy have the potential for a deeply karmic bond as well as spiritual transformation and regeneration to occur in relationships. However this does not come by force and requires two conscious parties participating in the soul work required in bringing about such transformations.

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