• Patricia Jean Fleming

02.10.2021 Six of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Saturday: Some may say having a six after our seven’s energy is taking a backward step but this six is a bracket as is today’s date that adds to eight because they wrap around the seven and enhance what was previously shared. The messages are there is we dare to look deeper. Why am I so positive, could it be because this lovely card is known as the Card of Victory or Success. A card of putting our challenges behind us, to claim our victory crown. To be in our own power, know what we are made of and capable of. To mark our level of achievement. Card of attracting good fortune, pride and prosperity. This is very strong and independent energy that asks us to feel it today and take it on should we choose to do so. This is to recognise our personal power but not to use it against another. Use it to raise ourselves up to be the achievers we wish to be. Have we broken free from competition, drama, fight or struggle to show what we are capable of in being ourselves, the best that we can be with no judgement as to being less or more than others? This card is linked to the lucky planet Jupiter in the fiery and passionate sign of Leo. Can we embrace this positive energy today and step up to be the victors of all that we have surmounted. Let us wear our colours proudly, not to show off but to mark our achievements.

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