• Patricia Jean Fleming

02.10.2020 – Knight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Today we have the air energy of the Knight along with the fire energy of the Wands. Will the Knight fan the flames of creativity for us or will he blow so hard he will douse the passion? Everything in moderation is a good guide but let us not fall into the trap of being motionless when motion is what is needed to carry us on to new and better things. It has its place when we need to rest but resting 24/7 is not why we are here to live this life. Do you feel a desire today to find out something new? Maybe a bit of adventure or ambition? Our Knight gives us the energy to ‘get back on the horse’ if we feel we have been walking alongside it for too long. It is the ‘go for it’ card. What will we find ourselves going for today? The Knights are in search of whatever their suit represents and today that is Wands, therefore creativity and adventure. They can be risky/extreme as they power themselves forward on their quest or act of rescue. Go easy and do not put yourself at any risk unless you are prepared for any consequences that may unfold.

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