• Patricia Jean Fleming

02.08.2021 Six of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Monday: We have experienced a lot in life and this gives us a nudge to ask ourselves if this is what we want here and now. Today we have the card of Victory/Success; what a great way to start a new week! Today we put challenges behind us and ‘get back on our horse’ having claimed our Victory crown.

A card that attracts good fortune to us, of pride and prosperity. Know ourselves today, what we are capable of, what we are made of and be in our own power. Know also who our friends are. Like being positive brings positivity to us, likewise mixing with like minded people brings more of that energy to us too. Use our strong independent energy to find a better way of living as is right for ourselves, and allow others their way of living life also. Card of the lucky planet Jupiter in our current Sun sign of Leo. Planet of possibility, of raising our awareness.

Today generosity brings success. Think ourselves lucky and this is what we bring towards us. Let us remain humble and not get lost in any grand display of our fortune, be mindful of others less fortunate today. The Wheel is not stagnant, it spins continually. Today, on the whole, is a good day – especially if we see it this way.

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