• Patricia Jean Fleming

02.08.2019 – Three of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Oh heck, this card I do not like! A bleeding heart and three swords stuck in the back of ‘grace’. Who or what is stopping you to be the you that you want to be or are you doing this to yourself? If so, why? Have you taken on the belief that life is supposed to be difficult, that without pushing yourself to your limits you will never achieve anything? Do you feel this is all you deserve? If so, who made you think this way – did you never hear the saying that life is meant to be joyous or does that feel like too good to be true? I am also feeling a little ‘Peter/denial’ energy with this card today as in three times he betrayed Jesus by disowning him – three ‘stabs in the back.’

Who do you need to watch out for in your so called group of ‘friends’?

As much as unconditional love is what it is then this does not mean we have to accept hurt into our lives.

We can open our hearts to those who know no better without taking on their troubles.

Forewarned is fore-armed. We have been given the ‘heads-up’.

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